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We love seeing our clients embrace the campaigns we've developed long after we've moved onto their next challenge together. That's why we believe the 'how to' document developed with clients at the end of a campaign is more important than the proposal at the beginning, the accolades on our wall or the length of our client list.

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Opera by the Ocean: Sept 2014

Posted: Thu, Oct 23, 2014
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Annie Blair was contracted to assist in the event management of the very first Opera by the Ocean to be held in Coffs Harbour in early September 2014. Opera had been a popular art form in the area with Coffs Harbour City Council organising a series of sell-out annual Co-Opera concerts in recent years, the Council had never embarked on a multi-venue and multi-platform version on this scale.

For four days, a raft of Australian opera performers and choral and string groups from across the region performed in unique locations - popping up in coffee shops, decending down escalators in shopping centres, performing in chapels, fashion houses, courtyards, fisherman's coolrooms, medical centres and parks. In all, we staged 20 performances for the estimated 5000 strong crowd and reached across the Coast from Sawtell to North Sapphire and out to Nana Glen.

The key challenges Annie overcome while coordinating the event with Artistic Director Dr Leigh Summers was asking sponsors (who were essential to help float the event financially) to take a leap of faith, both in believing our attendance estimates, believing in our direct marketing strategies and our chances of editorial exposure, particulaly as the World Rally Championships were staged in Coffs Harbour the same weekend.

Through her relationships in the community and her established business acumen, Annie was able to secure more than $20,000 in event funding and developed a complex mix of free and paid events in the program that allowed the event to break-even in its first year, a coup for a community event.

Our strategy to engage a light advertising spend (press and print lifestyle media) and to concentrate on direct mail (personal contacts we had established over the years and unofficial Who's Who lists) to assist in a grassroots/viral campaign, was a key to the success of the events.

We also leant on the contacts and marketing channels owned by our sponsors. Slater and Gordon not only had thousands of local clients to communicate to, but contacts within referral agencies and other partners. They were adept at extending news of the Opera by the Ocean Festival to every audience touchpoint. Wine partners, De Bortoli wines developed a campaign to promote their La Boheme label to its outlets in the area, which extended the reach of the Festival into Resorts and high-end liquour outlets. North Sapphire Beach communicated before and after the event to its data base of residents and prospects, drawing a significant number of attendees to the Sunday picnic event by this activity.

As a testament to the success of the event, Coffs Harbour City Council have agreed to run the event annually and Annie looks forward to bringing her accumulated knowledge of all things Opera to the festival in years to come.

Sydney Independent Opera performed Pagliacci (clowns) to a crowd of 150 at a local theatre
Sydney Independent Opera performed Pagliacci (clowns) to a crowd of 150 at a local theatre
Star: Sally-Anne Russell
Crowds at Mothers Milk bar/coffee shop for Pop Up performance

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